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No 1.
Name Dr. Sayed Gul Safi
Qualification MVSc, DVM
Designation Executive Director,
Afghanistan Veterinary Association (AVA)
Address PO Box. No. 5720, Genal Post office,
Kabul, Afghanistan
Email sayed_gul@yahoo.com
Telephone 0093 7008 78044

No 2.
Name Dr. Hidayatullah Alnoor
Qualification MBBS, DIHM
Designation Health and Hospital  Management Specialist
Address Opp. IiT gate of Golden city of Karte, Naow, Kabul, Afghansitan
Email hidayatalnoor@yahoo.com
Mobile +93 (0)799127717
Telephone 0093 79912 7717

No 3.
Name Dr. Najibulla Safi
Qualification MD, MSc.
Designation Primary Health Care Advisor
Address WHO, Country Office, UNOCA compound, Jalalabad Road,
Kabul, Afghanistan
Email najibullah.safi@gmail.com 
Telephone 0093 777 890 855

No 4.
Name Dr. Mir Nasruddin
Qualification DVM
Address PO Box No. 5720, Central Post office, Kabul city, Afghanistan
Email nasruddin_hashimi@yahoo.com
Telephone 0093 700302714


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